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(all photo proceeds go toward funding our basketball camp)

Thank You in Advance

773-593-0040    |    |  P.O. Box 208581, Chicago. IL 60620

Special: Event Paparazzi - $40 per hour (50-200 photos)

This is a great special for someone having an event. The photographer will show up and follow the host of the party around taking professional pictures while the host enjoys the event. Just imagine you show up at your event and the paparazzi is taking glamorous photos of you walking in with that stunning outfit on, hugging and greeting your friends and family. We will also be taking photos of your event set up, people dancing, and most importantly, getting candid photos that always make the best memories. In one hour, you can be guaranteed to have 50-100 photos of your celebrity status and a lifetime of memories with your friends and family.

Portrait Photography

Single Person Session

Family Session

Group Photos

Portrait photos 

Still Photos 

& more

Event Photography

specializes in taking pictures for specific gatherings such as parties 



baby showers & more

Sports Photography

specializes in taking pictures for ALL types of sports




soccer & more

Fashion Photography

focuses on the display of fashion clothing and items


pre-shoot consultation

directing photo shoots

advanced photo editing


Special: On Location Paparazzi $40 per hour (50-200 photos)

You just want to put on that hot outfit, looking like a million bucks and decide that you just want to go to the park, or any public/private place and take some updated professional photos. The kid(s) are growing up quick and they just need some updated photos. You may want to take some photos with you and your kids or you and your parents or grandparents. Fellas, you just came from the barber shop, got fresh jumpers, and that new gear. These photos can be anywhere, on the porch, in front of the house, at the park, working out in the gym, at work, or most importantly, you just want to have some up to date professional photos. Either way it goes, we will meet you and get it done. One hour of your time will get you 50-100 new professional photos while you feeling good and looking good. Go look in that closet or get the kids ready and give us a call so we can make it happen.

Anyt​ime, Anywhere, Anyday

"we believe in having fun while taking pictures, so we want you to  feel comfortable expressing yourself when we take your picture. Standing still and smiling is so boring, so please know that we want candid flavor & positive energy as we create your photo memories"

- Norrice Quarles -

“Which of my photographs is my favorite? 

The one I’m going to take tomorrow.”

...hopefully, my next photo is of you

Other Services That We Offer:

  • Buying Stocks - service includes processing your stock purchase, introduction to a transfer agent, receiving a quarterly report, and optional dividend reinvestment

  • Tshirt Silk Screening, Logo Design, Tshirt Design - we will help you create that design on paper, get a screen made, and have your design printed on tshirts - don't keep holding that idea, create and expose that idea to the world and make some money

  • Almost Famous / DATSWZUP Gear - all kinds of fashionable clothing items available, and sometimes the items are FREE - we are exposing our brand to the world and looking for feedback on what we have to offer - hopefully you see some gear that you like and give us some input on what you would like to see offered.

Our goal is to inspire others to be the best that they can be, and promote financial wealth building. So utilize our services to your advantage and check out all that we have to offer. Keep in touch!
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