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if you buy it, own it

Do you own NIKE Stock?

Do your kids own stock?

What is a quarterly report?

Stock Processing Agent - Norrice Quarles

I, Norrice Quarles, am the person that prepares, completes, and mail your stock purchase order to go to the transfer agents. They, in turn, handle the direct responsibility for shareholder purchases and sales of stock shares. Then you are connected to the transfer agent directly to assist you in managing your portfolio of shares to make future transactions of buying and selling on the individual company that you have purchased shares with. I make sure that you get a company prospectus, make sure you are a voter on upcoming company decisions, make sure you take advantage of the direct reinvestment plan (DRIP) for your dividends, and make sure that you get a quarterly report that explains all money movement. I will also break down and explain each process as it happens or as you get mail. 

cost: $50 stock processing fee

  • More than 20 years experience buying and selling stocks (my first stock purchase was Sprint in 2000)

  • Stock investments with Ally (long-term stocks), Robinhood (short-term/trading), Acorns, and a few more

  • Been processing stock paperwork for 15 years

  • Associate of Arts Degree from Lake Land College

  • Bachelors of General Studies Degree from Roosevelt University

  • Masters of Business Administration in Applied Management from Indiana Wesleyan University

Proverbs 13:11 

Wealth from get-rich-quick schemes quickly disappears;

wealth from hard work grows over time.

cost: $50 stock processing fee

Building Family Wealth

We believe that every household, especially with kids, should have stock quarterly reports within the household so everyone can learn the ways that stock investments work. Once you learn the basics of how stocks work and be able to read and understand a quarterly report, its very easy and beneficial to pass on the knowledge to family and friends. Imagine how much wealth you can build just having a few years experience of learning how to read and understand a quarterly report from the stock that you just purchased. Keep in mind that most investment companies do NOT send you a quarterly statement of your stock progress. Therefore, it is my promise to you to make sure you get a quarterly statement to read and understand. So think about the top 3-5 stocks you are interested in buying shares of and contact us to start processing your paperwork and building a portfolio.

cost: $50 stock processing fee

Nike Stock is always my #1 pick to buy, buy, buy!

We are all consumers of Nike and this company has been around since forever. Look around! Take notice of an item that you spend lots of money on. That should help you determine what stocks you should buy. Liquor (Diageo), Toys (Mattel), Gaming (Roblox), Cars (Tesla), Shopping (Amazon), Paper Towels (Kimberly-Clark), Cigarettes (Phillip Morris), Stores (WalMart). 

These are just a few ideas of long-term stocks to have in your portfolio. I personally feel that a quarterly report should be in every household so we can learn how stock investments work. Then you can show your kids or you all can learn together.

Start Building Financial Wealth Today!

Let today be the day that you start to build for the future and for future generations. If you are not interested, do it for your kids. Buy some stock for your kids, let it grow from compound interest, stock splits, and dividend reinvesting over time. By the time your kids are 18 or older, they can already have some financial wealth to start a business, buy some property, or go to college. The best part will be that the entire household learns how to read and understand quarterly reports and always be equipped to take your stock game to the next level.

I am always very excited to share my knowledge of stocks and investing. I will be looking forward to corresponding with new clients in the future so we all can let our money make money. I refuse to let my people be destroyed from a lack of knowledge. I was blessed to learn this, now i have to pass pass it on

Hebrews 13:16

"Don’t forget to do good and to share what you have because God is pleased with these kinds of sacrifices."

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