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NOONTIME - 10 commandments:
This is just a little something to inspire you to dream big and
always be looking to step your game up!
1- Spiritual Relationship:
Put God first and always work on
strengthening your spiritual relationship and pray more. Fellowshipping is also very
important and do not forget to pay your tithes.
2-Wake Up:
Stop and look around. Are you in the position in life
that you would like to be in? If not, start today on making your
dreams and goals become reality. Your dreams and goals should reflect your everyday actions.
3- Show Up:
 Stay on the scene with an attitude to do more than
the average person. Be on time, be hungry, and be aggressive
about what you want. You have to already know what you want and go get it!
4- Stand Up:
 You have to already know and act as if you have
accomplished your goal(s). Change your attitude. Change your
thought process. Change your environment. Change your friends / associates. Your environment should be an inspiration that  encourages you to make it happen.
5- Step Up:
Rise to the occasion and consistently give tasks and
obstacles your best shot. See obstacles as a challenge and always
look to come up with a solution to your problems. If you walk away from a problem or obstacle without a solution, then the problem is only going to get worse. So be consistent at solving problems to make your journey much easier.
6- Make up your mind:
Know exactly what you want to do. This may be determined when you know who you are and able to spend quality time with your inner-self. Who are you? What do you stand for? What do you love to do? How do you react in certain situations? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Once you come up with some answers, then test yourself. Turn your passion into a moneymaker or small business. Treat your project as if it was a billion dollar corporation. This will help sharpen your business skills to take on a different or larger project. By the way, who would ever be mad at making money while doing something you love to do?
7- 5 W’s:
Do a self starter business plan and just use the who,
what, when, where, why, and how method for a rough draft. Then
transfer this to a professional level of a business plan outline. Your outline should be done in a way that is presentable to a banker. Practice your sales pitch of why and how your idea will work. Do a small dissertation in front of family and friends. If you get positive responses, you are doing good. If you get negative responses, take the constructive criticism and go back to the lab and polish up your project.
8- Build Your Team:
 Teamwork makes the dream work! Surround yourself with positive people, especially with people associated with your project. Make sure you include
professional people that have been where you are going. This will help to eliminate all the haters or individuals that are stuck in life or just content. Your team members will enhance and encourage you to do your best. Team members help each other to grow and are honest with each other. Where you might be weak, they might be strong. If you have ever been on a winning team, then you know that everyone has a goal to be on the same page to accomplish a specific goal.
9- Your Mentor:
This is the person that you can talk to or call about
anything. It is recommended to have more than one. This includes accepting the pros and the cons of your project. With this relationship, you will learn how to accept
constructive criticism, move on, and use it as motivation.
10- Keep in touch:
I am the guru of information these days. I even have an information service to inmates at correctional facilities throughout Illinois that I have been doing since April 2002. I also provide over 30 different churches with FREE information weekly. I have information on any subject that you can think of so keep in touch. 
Me and my mom (Jacklen M. Griffith) started this service together and we are in the process of making our information services a NONPROFIT project. Therefore, if you need information on anything, we can help you. We have six years worth of professional experience in the information field.
If you know me, then you know that I always give something away FREE. Look through every page on this website and tell me how many pages on this site plays music. Send all responses to the contact us page and get a FREE GIFT from NOONTIME. Send me your info. and i will send your FREE GIFT. You never know what you might get!
Norrice L. Quarles 773-416-2918
Jacklen M. Griffith  773-269-0519
This page has been inspired by my five year old nephew, Ivan Trevon
Mitchell. Ever since he has been able to talk, he has always told me, "Uncle,
you need to get your life together". Ivan will be modeling the Norrice Lämon Clothing on this website. 
Always remember, it’s not about you, it’s about giving back and making contributions to making this world a better place. Check out my website and see what I am all about. Just keep in touch and always dream big, but make something happen!
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